Carbivore T Shirt

by on November 15, 2010

What you have her is a stack of flapjacks oozing with butter and syrup, and a dinosaur ready to tuck into it. Actually, I really hate the word tuck used to describe eating. It’s gross, just like meal and supper. Anyways, this Carbivore T Shirt is cute and clever. You have all that dinosaur education where part of the deal is learning what they ate. Herbivore and carnivore and omnivore, and now the newest classification, carbivore. Cavemen actually had very sophisticated griddles back in caveman days, and pancakes where a huge favorite. Of course, instead of syrup they used mammoth blood, and instead of butter it was sabertooth tiger fat globules, but in all other aspects it was just like a Saturday morning at your mama’s house.

Snorg Tees knocked it out of the park with this one. Pancakes and dinosaurs are huge and have been so for like 18 months. It’s also kind of a backlash to all the anti-carb propaganda coming out of Hollywood, land of the unnaturally flat stomach.

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