Captain Canada T Shirt

by on September 21, 2009

captain-canada-teeDon’t get all my superhero can kick your superheros ass on me. This isn’t about Captain Canada vs. Captain America. It’s about peace, love, and working together. And, I don’t want to get into the sordid details but being the super hero representation of an entire country can wear you down. And you need uplift. And sometimes the only person you want to be around is someone who understands you.

And, well, Captain Canada and Captain America have hooked up a couple of times. No biggie. Just lovin’ the one they’re with. Actually, I totally made that up. The North American captains are way to busy with their respective business. Captain America is trying to figure out, who exactly in the financial sector should be hung from a lamp post first, while Captain Canada is really concerned about the methane seeping out of the abundance of moose poop. Captain Mexico, currently somewhat inebriated, had no comment.

Buy the Captain Canada tee because it’s cooler than your neighbor’s “I’m with stupid” shirt.

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