Callahan Auto Parts Tommy Boy T-shirt

by on June 24, 2010

You know Tommy Boy, the classic with Chris Farley and David Spade, and you know the hilarity that is Callahan Auto Parts in Sandusky, OH. Do not take “no” for an answer.

God rest Farley’s soul, he was a funny fat man. God rest Spade’s soul, he used to be funny. Well, at least he’s still bagging every 20s hot blonde in Hollywood, even with that ‘stache.

Anyways, if you’d like to be a fat guy in a small shirt or a small guy in a fat shirt or even a chick or dude in a perfectly fitting shirt, then you’ll need to go pick up Callahan Auto Parts Tommy Boy.

Now, if you really need the explanation about this shirt, read this.

Here’s the brake pad scene (you know what I’m talkin’ about):

I’m told from a shaky source that Chris Farley wore a Busted Tees shirt to his grave. Could be a bald-faced lie, but I thought I’d throw it out there.

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