Bonjour French Toast Lover T Shirt from Red Bubble

by on January 13, 2012

french toast t shirt Bonjour French Toast Lover T Shirt from Red Bubblebuy now button yellow Bonjour French Toast Lover T Shirt from Red BubbleLove the toast with the French facial hair. Oui Oui. Not much more to say about it. It’s cute and clever and it’s making me hungry except I don’t eat French toast. I only eat eggy bread. That’s what French toast was called in my house growing up. No, no it was none of that anti-France stuff. It was just what we called it up there in the thin air in the Mile High City.

Now I have a dog named eggy, and that was xenophobic. Kid wanted to name the Golden Retriever French Toast, and I drew the line, saying you’re not gonna saddle that poor runt of the litter with that weak, vile, awful name as long as France won’t join us to fight a total bullshit war against Iraq. I won’t stand for it. And that’s why you should purchase with your hard-earned money this French Toast Lover T Shirt.

Christina Smith created this design and made it available on Red Bubble for your viewing and wearing pleasure. Bonjour.

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