Blues Brothers Poster T Shirt

by on July 10, 2011

The Blues Brothers is already a well known movie because of its funny, random moments and happenings that rarely happen in everyday life. The whole movie is about the Blues brothers, Jake and Elwood, trying to raise money for a closing Catholic orphanage where they grew up at. Throughout the movie, they encounter crazy things like a group of Nazis.

The Blues Brothers Poster T-shirt is awesome because it represents a concert poster for there band’s performance at the end of the movie, which is how they raise the money (a band competition).

I really like how the poster looks on the shirt. It looks kind of older and withered which is pretty cool in my opinion. The different colors on the shirt draws attention to the poster. I like how the Blue’s brothers are a black outline because it shows how they’re plain but can still look cool.

I personally like the movie because it lets everyone see how silly and sporadic a normal person’s life can be. It also lets people know that anyone can make it big if they try, which is pretty cliche but it’s true.

The creation of TV Store Online was inspired by this very movie.

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