Bleh Broccoli Eats Cake and Doesn’t Like It T Shirt

by on August 23, 2010

This makes all kinds of no sense. George Bush Sr. doesn’t like broccoli not cake, so the fliparooni is not to have broccoli getting visibly sick at having to eat cake. It’s broccoli smearing cake on Bush Sr. and then eating him, and then taking his bones and then taking his femur and stabbing the thigh of everybody that ever voted for or hired a Bush: President, Governor, CIA, drug runner, or town crier.

Wait that got all political and violent and ugly, when this is just an innocent little goof, where in this bizarro world vegetables are forced to eat sweet baked goods, because the prevailing belief is that cake is good for young broccoli development. That’s cute. Get this Bleh Broccoli Eats Cake T-Shirt because it’s precious and not because of all that ridiculous politcal blather I started off on earlier.

Snorg Tees does cute funny well sometimes, and sometimes their cute funny blows. But, if you pay your money you gotta take the ride. Right?

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