Big Foot Bjorn To Skate T shirt

by on May 23, 2011

What you have here is Sasquatch or Big Foot riding a skateboard with a red, white and blue headband, which recalls the halcyon days of tennis when Bjorn Borg ruled. He had long hippie 70s hair and a scraggly beard and battled with McEnroe and Connors. He won some of the biggies and he was hairy and why PalmerCash has combined the tennis player, and skateboarding and Big Foot is a big mystery that I have no idea where to start unraveling.

Anyway, you probably want the Bjorn to Skate T Shirt because it combines your three favorite things and features a red, white, and blue headband, which is probably the greatest sporting accessory ever.

Of course, Bjorn now has own line of underwear and socks…obviously.

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