Big Daddy Kane Hindenburg Blimpin’ Ain’t Easy T Shirt

by on February 19, 2011

Nice wordplay. For the uninitiated — and that’s no shame, especially now that you are here and bettering yourself — this is a play on Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy, which is a common thread among the hip hop, and rap community, because it really is not. You have to find good hos. You have to keep those hos workin’ for you, and by workin’ I mean givin’ seedy, sweaty, fat duds handies next to the smelly dumpster in the darkest alley. You have to hit some hos when they start to get out of line. You have to work some of the clientele that is slow to pay. You have to maintain an exquisite wardrobe, including keeping your hat at a perfect tilt.

But, this ain’t about pimpin’. This is about the Blimpin’ Ain’t Easy T Shirt. And you know what after the Hindenburg went down in 1937, it’s pretty obvious flying around in a zeppelin filled to popping with a highly flammable gas is also difficult, or in today’s parlance: it ain’t easy.

For these reasons you should get the this shirt from Busted Tees, because it shows you know your history and you early hip hop rap business. Totally well rounded. Looks good on the resume of life.

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