Ben Franklin Rabbit Ears Mt. Rushmore Tshirt

by on December 18, 2008

ben-franklin-rabbit-ears-mt-rushmore-tshirtBenjamin Franklin totally owns Teddy Roosevelt by sneaking in the picture and workin’ the rabbit ears and proving that he has cooties and perhaps even 27 degrees of nerdiness. Now, you can only see this view of Mt. Rushmore in the perfect storm of conditions. New moon. Under 28 degrees. Over 58% humidity and, of course, super-freakin’ high on acid tabs.

Franklin was known as a total prankster. Like when he totally made up the kite, key and electricity thing. Quite a card. Quite a card.

Celebrate the American greats and purchase right now, Ben Franklin Rabbit Ears Mt. Rushmore Tshirt. If you don’t the terrorists and shoes chuckers win…by a lot.

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