Bear Shark Tommy Gun Mushroom Cloud Three Wolf Moon T Shirt

by on November 19, 2010

You ever go to those Asian owned everything stores. They have a little bit of everything. You can have a UPS package sent. There’s silver jewelry, electronics, lamps, and greeting cards. Well, sometimes those stores come in very handy and you can get that cheap rolling back pack and vanilla walrus candle all at the same time. The same is true for this shirt. Sometimes you like a specialist, but sometimes when you don’t have anything in particular in mind, it’s good to have a wide variety.

Here you have a shark-riding bear wielding a tommy gun, wearing a three wolf moon shirt, smoking a cigar, and escaping the fallout of a nuclear explosion that is mushrooming in the background. It’s all in the same genre of badass, like Tarantino designed it in hommage to some kung fu movie in the 70s, but it is a wide selection of badass.

Why don’t you think about getting a shirt with bear shark tommy gun cigar mushroom cloud three wolves moon shirt on it. You’ll be the guy everybody steers clear of, except for the ladies. They’ll be all over you.

Nerdy Shirts sometimes steps out of its comfort zone and does a little daring bits of badassery.

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