Be Like Mike Phelps With Bong Tshirt

by on February 5, 2009

be-like-mike-phelps-with-bong-tshirtNot sure I want to share a bong session with the guy possessing the biggest lungs on the planet. Dude would huff the entire bowl in one big inhale. Still, I guess if I’m hangin’ with Michael Phelps, I’m feeling pretty cool.

Kellogg’s just dropped Phelps as a spokesperson because of the weed incident. All the cereal eating munchie fiends so just say no to corn flakes and rice crispies next time they’re in a state critical snack need. Time to switch brand affinity, bustin’ out with Post or General Mills or, good lord, let’s get all green and organic and demand Barbara’s Bakery or some such thing.

Anyway, you probably want one more look at the perpetrator and apparatus.

You probably need to get the Be Like Mike Phelps with Bong Tshirt because it’s hot news today and collector’s item tomorrow.

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