Back to the Future 2 Biff Co T Shirt from Busted Tees

by on March 8, 2012

Man, when Marty McFly comes back to the home town after screwing some stuff up in the past, he really runs into some trouble with Biff, who is now rich beyond belief because he stole the sports almanac and the DeLorean, and gave the goods to his younger self to bet on games.

“Get in the car butthead.”

Biff’s married to Marty’s mother and treats her like dirt. It’s grim, but Marty’s got grit and takes care of business in the end. Oh wait…spoiler alert, but I don’t need to say that about a 23 year old movie. Right?

What I do need to say is you should get this Biff Co T Shirt because it’s awesome and the movie is awesome and you’re awesome and Busted Tees is awesome.

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