Awesome Sports Logos: Shirt Shop Interview

by on April 7, 2013


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What’s the name of your shop? Your name? Your role?

Awesome Sports Logos is our name and story and our store is located at
I am the Founder and President of the company. My role is to spread the word about the company in as many ways as we can. I oversee all of the aspects of the logo design, the quality of the t-shirts and all of the social media and marketing for the company. We are a husband and wife crew and my wife Rian is such a huge help and like me, loves this company. When you are a startup, you do everything and I think that actually makes the journey that much more special.

Is Gavin Spittle your real name ‘cuz it’s awesome?

I actually get that a lot. My other job is in the radio business and people always ask me if it’s a radio name? I tell them, you think I would pick Spittle if I actually had a choice? I’m damn proud that my last name is also the saliva that runs down the side of your mouth. Actually, I have amazing parents that have always cheered me on so for that reason alone, I’m damn proud of that name. It certainly catches people’s attention, that’s for sure. I’m glad you like it.

Where are you from/live now?

Originally from Massachusetts home of our t-shirts the Boston Accents and the Cape Cod Scrod. Then I lived in Las Vegas for 4 ½ years home of our t-shirt the Las Vegas Snake Eyes and then on to Texas for the last 9 years both in Dallas and Houston. That’s the home of the Dallas Doughboys, the Houston Gushers and the Texas Roadkill. That’s what I love about our t-shirts. So many of them are from my journey and passion in life.

When did Awesome Sports Logos launch?

We just celebrated our one year anniversary. We launched on January 25th of last year. There was a lot of work behind the scenes for about two years because we wanted it to get it right the first time. Forty one logos later, we’re proud to say that we think we’ve developed a cool concept and website.


What inspired you to get into such a specific niche (sports logos)? 

Ever since I was a kid, I would draw logos of my favorite sports teams. I’ve always had a passion for sports logos but unfortunately, cool sports logos especially in the minor leagues are becoming extinct. Teams like the Macon Whoopie are no longer around. Now teams are taking on their major league name and the localization of sports logos is going away. Our goal is to bring back the fun in sports logos with our t-shirt line. Our designers work in pro sports but took on this project because they loved the idea and also have a passion for sports logos. The biggest compliment we receive is people asking, “Are these real teams”. That’s when you know you have a cool logo.

Are you big sports fans?

Huge. I try not to put so much emotion into sports anymore but I was extremely lucky to grow up around sports. We love going to live events and we try to catch as many games as we can.

What about comedy (are you into it)? Humor is a big part of what you are doing?

That’s funny that you mentioned that. My wife and I went to see a rising star in the comedy industry last night in Amy Schumer. We go to comedy shows all of the time. Humor and innuendo is what our company is all about. I don’t think we laugh enough as a society. With Awesome Sports Logos, we don’t allow political correctness to get in the way but we also know where the line is. If you are offended by the Cocksville Blockers, I say, “Why are you offended by a Rooster on a t-shirt”. The San Francisco Swallows was a cargo ship in the 1800’s. Where was your mind going?

What’s your favorite real sports logo?

The Macon Whoopie. I need to meet the person who had the guts to create that awesome sports logo. Unfortunately the team is now defunct but the legend lives on as far as I’m concerned.


How do you decide which city should get a team with a logo?

We never want to force a logo on a city just to have that city covered. We’ll get there eventually as far as your city. Sometimes we start with a city and thoroughly research the history involved. The New York Zouaves were one of the first volunteer fighting regimens to represent the state in the civil war. We think history is awesome and several of our logos have amazing history. The second factor is the name. Zouaves and Doughboys are cool names and they also roll off the tongue well with their respected cities. I think certain names are funny like Kumquats and Scrod and Chupacabras. When the name comes first, we then find a matching city. Dade City holds a Kumquat festival each January, Cape Cod is a huge fishing area and there have been alleged Chupacabra sightings in New Mexico. It’s truly a fun process. Then there are those area names that you just can’t ignore like Intercourse Pennsylvania and Climax Virginia. The name says it all, those places are awesome. Intercourse is where the movie Witness with Harrison Ford was filmed and Climax hosts a bluegrass festival each year. From that the Intercourse Witnesses and the Climax Fiddlers were born.

You say the same guys that create real sports logos create yours. How did you hook up with those people?

It wasn’t easy. The thing I love about my designers is that they share that same passion as I do. That was my biggest question to them. I did some research and saw their portfolios and background but it was important that they also shared my vision. It’s amazing that the picture of the logo in my head and in my sketches ends up exactly how I envisioned it. I think having someone who works in pro basketball and another who worked in pro football really adds to the legitimacy of the concept which is to bring the fun and creativity back into sports logos.

Tell me more about the Panamanian basketball league. How did you get hooked up with that?

One of my guys designed the logos for five Panamanian Basketball teams. I fell in love with the logos and he maintained the rights to them. We partnered up to sell them on our site. Who doesn’t love an obscure sports league t-shirt? It’s fun, it’s different and the logos are super cool.

How’s business?

The business continues to grow which is so exciting. We are getting more and more people who email us about finding out about our website and our t-shirt line. What I’m more excited about is repeat customers who say that their favorite t-shirts in their closet are from us. We not only have a passion for sports logos but we have a passion for customer service. It’s not just about buying a t-shirt from us. We want it to be about the experience. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We had a lady from Minnesota who just purchased our t-shirt of the month package for her 12 year old nephews Birthday. She was surprised when we built a customized Birthday certificate for him. I wouldn’t want to do it any other way. I just wish I was at the Birthday party so I could have a slice of cake!

How important is social media to your business?

Social Media is real crucial to our business. I consider it a great opportunity to interact and attract new customers. Through social media, we’ve also been able to connect with the t-shirt community. It’s a terrific resource for any company especially since it also helps your search engine optimization a great deal.


What’s the weirdest picture of someone wearing one of your tees that you have seen? And/or have you run into a stranger out in the wild wearing one of your products? And/or celebrity sightings?

If I could change weird to cool, I love the dedication of our customers. I’ve included a photo of one of our customers Lee B who took it upon himself to take pictures of himself in Death Valley wearing our Albuquerque Chupacabras t-shirt. Kenny Sargent of the nationally syndicated motorsports show SpeedFreaks is a huge fan of our t-shirts. He takes it upon himself to take pictures with various celebs wearing our shirts. Here he is with Danica Patrick. Three time Super Bowl Champion Ted Johnson wears our shirts, as does Jason McCourty of the Tennessee Titans. I consider it an honor and privilege when athletes and celebs love our sports logos. To be honest, my wife holds me back when I see someone wearing one of our t-shirts because I’m a hugger and they might think I’m creepy. It’s an amazing feeling when someone wears the product you created and I never will take that for granted.

What type of person is a prime candidate to be a customer?

A person with a great sense of humor. Our t-shirts are not just for the sports fans, they are for fans of cool logos and super soft t-shirts. I also think that the people that enjoy our shirts are smart and understand what innuendo is all about. I guess if I have to be pinned down on a demo and age, it’s likely men 18-49, but we’ve sold our shirts to every demo.

What kind of shirt stock do you use? Why?

We only use Alternative Apparel and American Apparel for our stock. A lot of our gear is also organic and those are the softest shirts in our line. We want the highest quality t-shirt possible and we feel as though these two brands offer the best. They also offer great stock photos of their shirts for us to use on our site. The t-shirt you see on our site is the t-shirt you are getting. A lot of people tell us to put our logos on cheaper shirts but to me that’s one of the most important aspects. We like to say, “so soft, you can clean your sunglasses with them”. Quality is crucial to us.

Where do you see your business in a year?

Hopefully we are continuing to expand. We are in five stores currently and we want that to grow. We’re excited that we are only four months into our second year and we’ve already sold 40% of what we sold last year. We’d love to continue to expand our presence in retail because our product is our best marketing tool.

What are your top 3 favorite tee designs currently?

Overwhelmingly #1 is the Cocksville Blockers. I tried so hard to find a town called Cocksville but I finally decided that the name was too good to pass up. Portland TreeHuggers is #2. This tree means business. This logo is on our organic line and it’s amazingly soft. The Brooklyn LegBreakers comes in 3rd. I love the subtleties of this design. The hockey stick tape if you look closely has the letters N.Y in it and I love the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.


What’s your top selling design?

Far and away it’s the Cocksville Blockers.

Anything else you want to add?

Love Tshirt Groove and thanks so much for the site which provides independent t-shirt companies like myself a chance to get the word out about our company. Everyone who reads this can get a 15% discount by entering the code word “groove”. To those of you who have bought our shirts, I can’t thank you enough. For those of you have haven’t, please join our cause to bring back the fun and creativity to sports logos and at the same time make all of your other t-shirts in your closet jealous by bringing in one of our shirts.

You guys are awesome, thanks for the opportunity.

Where can people find you?

Website is
You can always reach me directly at

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