Ask Me About the Dinosaurs T Shirt

by on December 26, 2010

That’s one stylish dinosaur, and that’s the story you are going to tell the flocks of people, that come to you as you’re wearing this shirt, and ask you about the dinosaurs. Yes, you are going to tell them that dinosaurs invented shades…so forget about Ray-Ban, Oakley’s, and Blueblockers. Dinosaurs did it first and they did it best, and they would have had dominating market share had it not been for that little extinction issue.

Of course, nobody has really put 2 and 2 together on this issue, and only this Ask Me About the Dinosaurs T Shirt has even broached the subject. The real reason dinosaurs went extinct was because sunglasses were so prevalent in their culture. That’s right. Sunglasses destroyed their vision and a certain receptor in their brains that enabled them to fight back against the alien invasion that actually destroyed them thousands and thousands of years ago. No joke. Look it up. Ask Busted Tees about it. They know. I’m just blowing the lid off it.

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