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by on March 5, 2011

Charlie Sheen’s IMDB page? There’s some good work in there. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Major League, Platoon, Wall Street., Due Date, Eight Men Out,  were pretty good movies. I’m not into the spoofs or TV. I hear 2 and a Half Men was doodoo, and that’s kind of the spring board for this Sheen phenomenon that’s exploded across the Internet and TV.

You have the interviews with 20/20 where he acts all fired up about being the Winning Sheen, and showing how  normal a menage a trois household is…perfectly suitable for childrearing.

He seems to have always partied, but now he’s just letting his freak flag fly. No cover up. No censorship. If  it pops in his head, it comes out of his mouth, or on his Twitter feed.

He got 1 million followers on Twitter faster than anybody (just over 25 hours)…a feat which has been recorded in the record books. And, now, he’s going to make millions hawking products on that channel. Some of this feels like a carefully scripted endorsement blowout. Then, again, hearing that weird click in his breathing when he talks (cocaine ends up being a bitch on the nasal cavities), and seeing the gray pallor, and the wild eyes, you have the sense that maybe it’s for real, and that he’s a rich, drug addled man, trying to keep this unorthodox family together, as his mind and soul splinter into a billion pieces. Check out that Iggy Pop physique…he’s winning with tiger blood. He’s harnessed the drug train and is using it to his advantage.  Maybe.

Sorry. You wanted the list of funniest Charlie Sheen T Shirts and that’s what you’re going to get.

Portrait: Charlie Sheen Winning T Shirt

If this was Charlie Sheen’s mugshot it would still be considered winning, and I’m guessing he could pull off the most devastating mugshot ever featured on Smoking Gun. That’s what he does.

Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood T Shirt

When you look at Charlie Sheen it’s easy to imagine that he does indeed have tiger blood. In fact, if you look closely enough he really starts to look like a tiger. On a side note, aren’t there different tiger products out there…like an energy bar called Tiger’s Milk and a muscle relaxant called Tiger Balm…I think both add to the legend.

Surprise That’s What Winners Do T Shirt

I like the look of this one. Fedora. Cigar. A little Humphrey Bogart for the 21st Century. Hallelujah…it’s Charlie Sheen.

Charlie Sheen Winning T Shirt

If you like the Winning sentiment but don’t necessarily need Charlie’s face on your shirt, then this is an ideal candidate for you closet.

Team Sheen Always Winning T Shirt

I like the bold Team Sheen lettering and the always winning. There’s never a time when any member of Team Sheen is losing.

Tiger Blood Training Camp T Shirt

You just try keeping up with Sheen. It’s not easy, but if you do, including all night sex with multiple partners, prodigious drug use, and 5:30 AM workout sessions, then you earn a certification that allows you to teach Sheen techniques for winning to others. It can be a lucrative coaching business, but you have to pass the rigorous Tiger Blood Training Camp test.

Charlie Sheen, Porn Star, Model and Cocaine Team Sheen T Shirt

There only a few prerequisites for being on Team Sheen. You have to have blow or connections to the blow. And/or you have to be a hot blonde.

I’m On a Drug It’s Called Charlie Sheen T Shirt

Sheen is clean, unless were testing for that anabolic steroid of awesomeness that is extracted from the tiger blood that flows through his veins.

Major League Wild Thing Charlie Sheen Winning Rick Vaughn 99 T Shirt

Charlie has never forgotten the thrill of being the wild thing, and it’s been a spectacular run. Bravo.

Charlie Sheen Thumbs Up Winning T Shirt

Charlie gives the thumbs up to his awesome, bi-winning lifestyle.

My Boyfriend Has Adonis DNA T Shirt

Tiger blood and Adonis DNA…dude can handle his drugs. Bangin’ seven gram rocks. One speed. One gear. Dying is for fools. Charlie has rules for taking drugs.

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