Are You Afraid of the Dark Sardo’s Magic Mansion T Shirt

by on July 4, 2012

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From Wikipedia:

“Are You Afraid of the Dark” is a joint Canadian-American horror, fantasy-themed anthology series. I have no idea what that means. It goes on to talk about a show and pilot, so I’m guessing this thing was a short-lived but cult-loved television show. Not sure why the hell the entry called it an anthology series. Sounds like books to me. Anyways, if you were part of the cult following in the US and Canada in the early 90s, then you probably jizzed in your pants about this design from Busted Tees. Good for you. Now go get it.

Spectacular acting in the first minute of this full episode. I’m hooked. Oh wait, I need to clean the stains off the side of my stove. I’ll get back to it later.

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