Ardilla Karate T Shirt

by on February 24, 2013

ardilla-karate-t-shirtGet this Shirt From Supremebeing

Does Ardilla mean squirrel in Spanish. Yes, I believe it does. This squirrel does kind of look like a badass in that ready-for-anything stance. Plus, have you looked at a squirrel up close. Packed full of muscle, which I guess makes sense, because they spend most of their days sprint climbing up trees, fences, telephone poles. That will get you ripped. Ask a gymnast.

Now, the question you’re going to have to ask yourself is…do I want a shirt that features a squirrel prepared to perform karate on the face of anyone who crosses him? It’s not a trivial question, so dig deep, because your answer and subsequent action could radically change the course of your life.

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