Acronyms FTW T Shirt from Snorg Tees

by on April 23, 2012

This is a totally goofy shirt. I’m not sure I even get this Acronyms FTW T Shirt. FTW is an acronym…actually it might be an initialism. In fact, I know it’s an initialism because Penn & Teller explain it perfectly in the fine video below.

You can pronounce acronyms as a word, while you have to say the letters of an initialism. You can’t say FTW unless you want to sound like you have eight pounds of peanut butter and 35 Saltine crackers in your mouth.

However, do not let this dissuade you from buying this t-shirt from Snorg Tees. Everybody knows what the shirt means. Of course, if you get it wrong it’s probably not For the Win, more like FTL. But, I’m not calling you a loser if you get this tee. Let me make that clear.

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