Abstinence 99.99 Percent Effective Tee

by on June 24, 2009

abstinence-99.99-effective-tshirtThat’s a pretty good batting average for abstinence so I’m not going to rub it in the evangelical’s and fundamentalist’s faces. But, it does throw the whole unwanted pregnancy, abortion, Roe vs. Wade, condoms, pope, adoption thing out of whack slightly, when the one out of a billion conceptions from abstinence turns out to be the Messiah.

Tends to blow that 00.01% a bit out of proportion.

Okay, I can keep a straight face no longer. This shirt is hilariously brilliant and if you know what’s good for you and your coolness quotient you’ll snap one up quicker than you can say Jesus Christ: Abstinence 99.99% Effective Tee.

Get the inside scoop with the Snorg Tees Review. Hey this is a funny Jesus T Shirt you know.

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