Abe Lincoln Crossbones T Shirt

by on October 27, 2010

This is an exceptionally weird shirt. Lincoln was a bit of a scary looking dude. But, to go as far as a Jolly Roger look with an eye patch. Kind of insulting to one of the most famous and revered presidents in the history of the United States. Plus, you don’t even get to see one of his most creepy features aside from the gaunt face and Amish beard…his overbearing height, especially when wearing the stovepipe hat and those damn platform heels. Nearly a seven footer at that point.

Enjoy absurdity, then you’ll enjoy the Abe Lincoln Crossbones T Shirt on your body. Next, will be Abe Lincoln cross dresser, which will really be over the line.

Here’s what Headline Shirts had to say about this doozy:

“They say Abe Lincoln’s ghost haunts several rooms of the Whitehouse. That’d probably be a pretty scary ghost. I mean, even when Lincoln was alive he looked like death warmed over. I don’t even want to imagine what he looks like dead.”

Maybe this should be the image on the new, new five dollar bill. I’d feel like such a bad ass pulling one of those out to buy my overpriced coffee at the suburban Starbucks. Keep the change I’d say, even though the cost was 4.98 + tax. They’d be too scared to come after me for the extra 34 cents. Wait, does coffee get taxed? Is my story complete fallacy? Do I even drink coffee?

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