A Space Holiday Sale From Threadless

by on December 6, 2010

I would say there’s a crapton of t shirts on sale for $9 at Threadless right now. Apparently, the sale ends tomorrow (Tues. December 7) at 10 a.m., so if you’re thinking about it take some action now. Or else you’ll forget.

I’m going to count them up right now. Five pages of 50 shirts for the guys. I’m no Euclid, but I think that’s about 250 shirts that you can basically steal for $9.

On the girly side, there are six pages of 50 shirts. Again, I’ve never been mistaken for Gauss, but that’s nearly 300 shirts for your burglarizing pleasure. Whoa!

There’s only one excuse for dilly dallying and that’s taking 2.5 minutes to read my review of Threadless.

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