03687 Days Since the Last Time I Gave a Shit T Shirt

by on October 17, 2010

Hey, put away the sleeping pills. Stop knotting up that rope with the noose. Take the live ammo out of the gun. You can make it through. Oh wait, I think I’m analyzing this 03687 Days Since the Last Time I Gave a Shit T Shirt all wrong. The person wearing this isn’t suicidally depressed. This person is telling others that he’s at the point where this life is pretty much just a crapshoot of random events and when you die, you get burned to a crisp or buried six feet deep, so in the meantime, why really get all wound up about stuff.

Our lives are just blips on the grand scale of things, so why really give a shit about stuff. Of course, there’s a good balance that you need to have in order to live a somewhat productive life, and that is…this is it so I’m gonna be good to my people and work my ass off and something meaningful, and generally just kick ass. I really haven’t figured out that part yet, but I applaud people that have…unless they’re douche bags, in which case, fuck ’em.

Anyways, Tshirt Hell wants you to wrestle with these issues and hopes that their t shirts help you evolve and find balance in life. Really, I’m totally certain that’s what they’re going for.

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