Daft Droid Shirt from Busted Tees

No wounded soldiers. Finish your beer or I’m gonna. A wounded soldier, according to the Urban Dictionary is any beer that has been abandoned at a party. This is a travesty and there should be no more beers left behind to go stale and flat.
This shirt is a playful parody on the Wounded Warrior Project whose slogan is, “No One Left Behind.” It applies equally to beer, especially a good craft brew like the one I bought in a 2-liter Growler last Saturday at the Hangar 24 Brewery in Redlands, CA (Double IPA 9% ABV, 118 IBU!)

I like this because beer cures many ailments. The wounded soldier and the father with 3 children, 5 and under. Is there a common bond here? Either way, finish your beer and quit whining soldier.

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