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News T Shirts: As soon as the news hits tees get designed in this day and age. I try to keep up with the big news shirts here.


“Apple has revealed iTunes 10, the newest version of iTunes complete with a new logo, new features and its very own social network for music called ‘Ping’ that he described as Facebook  meets Twitter for music.”

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James Jay Lee, a whack job environmentalist, did the right thing. He put action where his beliefs were, he despised over population and he got himself killed. Not sure what the deal with the Discovery Channel was and the little drama involving hostages and explosives, but in the end, he did the right thing. If you think the world is over-populated either become the Johnny Appleseed of condoms or remove yourself. Do no harm to others.

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Um. No. This is not what Phillip K. Dick was thinking about in 1956 when he wrote the short story. And, Tom Cruise, didn’t dick around in a spreadsheet with a report that said this guy is a convicted felon, has 32 parking tickets, was in juvee, and  searches for information on semi-automatic weapons on Google an average of 6 hours a day (oh, don’t tell me Google doesn’t tell the government everything – Google is the government – the both start with Go – that’s the spooky stuff), so he’s a little bit of a risk for another crime.

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Shaq and Hoopz

by on August 25, 2010

Is Shaq just playin’ Hoopz or is he for real with this marriage proposal? The prevalent thought is that Shaq really hasn’t played hoops in a few years, so he’s probably sincere in his declaration of love for the reality TV star. Wait, Shaquille O’Neal is hangin’ with reality TV star, Nicole Alexander, who is nicknamed Hoopz.

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Ok, there’s nothing funny to say about  Erica Blasberg, LPGA golfer, committing suicide. In fact, this is the type of story that makes you reflect about the relative value of sports. Is it too much pressure to perform for our young people? Okay, you’re not reflecting are you. You’re salivating at the thought of football starting in a few weeks. Anyway, we should be taking a minute to reflect on some of the uglier consequences of our hyper-competitive culture. But, I guess the whole “you’re defined by the company you keep” is pretty much right on in my case.

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If you like boobies, this is the ultimate tribute to boobs music video. And, hell, I even like the quirky rap with the lo-fi production. The band is Bone Nation and the song is called Blessted. The video was loaded January 12, 2004, so I’m slightly behind on this one. But, as you know, I like to let the trail blazers clear the way, so I can have a nice leisurely walk six years later. This is my M.O. except with Funny T Shirts. I’m so on top of those bastards you’re going to get the bends trying to keep up with my ascent. That metaphor sort of fell apart but you know what I’m talking about. Let’s surface. Let’s surface. Get in the decompression tank. Get some more oxygen. Have a Pepsi.

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This photo gallery from Sports Illustrated is pretty entertaining. I like the first one where golfer, Corey Pavin gets in the face of Jim Gray. Then they had a slap fight, except no one landed any and they both ended up on their backs huffing and puffing. I might have made that last part up, but that’s what I expect from a golfer and Jim Gray.

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It’s not quite what you think. Neil Patrick Harris and his partner, David Burtka, are using a surrogate and expecting in October. Boys or girls the names will be Doogie Howser, of course.

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Looks like it could be for real this time. Patricia kept telling Mr. Jane that she saw a lot of dead people, but then they’d run into them at parties in the Hills and Mr. Jane would frown, and Patricia would shrug. The first few times Mr. Jane said to himself Patricia is just being Patricia, but after awhile it got annoying. So saw the spirit of their dog, when clearly the dog was lounging in the hallway. Basically, it’s an age old story of not being able to leave work at the office and letting it gradually erode the family. Sad.

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Non story. Wake me up when the President starts throwing bankers in jail.

From Fire Dog Lake:

“At a dinner ceremony honoring the holiday of Ramadan, President Obama waded into the controversy over the Cordoba House project, strongly and unequivocally supporting  the construction of the Islamic Center near Ground Zero in Manhattan. Not only that, he supported the proposition of allowing Muslims to build their own houses of worship anywhere in America, as part of the free exercise of religion.”

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You have to check out The Ballad of Steven Slater, our hero JetBlue flight attendant, who quit in mighty style.

Some memorable lyrics to go with a nicely done acoustic guitar tune and a good voice:

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Hey. Have you seen Scott Pilgrim vs. The World yet? Are you going to see it on opening day? What’s going on out there? Looks like Betsey Sharkey, an Los Angeles Time Film Critic, has seen it. Here’s what she has to say (I think she liked it overall):

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