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Irish Yoga T Shirt

by on July 30, 2008

These guys are really limbering up, opening the shakras and getting to that zen state.

Celebrate a different state of mind. Evolve and find your higher self.

Molly McCrakken says get this Irish Yoga tee, because it’s high art and riotous and green.

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Very Cool: Busted Tees is offering a new shirt every day for the month of July.

Supremely Cool: The first day a new shirt is for sale, it is on sale for only $13.99.

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My Butt Hurts, What? Tee shirtPoor, poor chocolate bunnies. In their temporary reprieve from getting unceremoniously devoured on Easter morning, these little delectable creatures commiserate on their state. Except the horrors of holiday festivity have broken down their lines of communication. Talk about tragedy, if this doesn’t add up in Aristotle’s Poetic Tragedy equation, then nothing does. And my only outlet for dealing with this chocolate mess is to laugh. Sometimes, it’s the only thing you can do.

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