I’m With Cupid T Shirt

by on February 6, 2013


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This is pretty much brilliant. Not even in the context of the lover’s holiday coming up. It’s just super clever to turn the hack “I’m with stupid” t-shirt concept on its ear and let the love and happiness bubble up. Wait, if you’re with cupid, does that mean you resisted cupids arrows directing you to some other person, and instead directed your attention to the little cherubic demi-god? Is that legal?

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So graceful these humping reindeer fly through the cold night sky. Pretty amazing that they can copulate and fly at the same time. I’m guessing this is post holidays and there’s such an amazing relief, because the big job is over.

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Get This Shirt From TV Store Online

Santa is pretty much just like a badass super hero and you dress like them all year round. Why not take a break with the Captain America get up and do a Santa thing for the holiday season.

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