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i sit around all day drawing dicks t shirt Superbad I Sit Around All Day Drawing Dicks T Shirt

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Ah, Jonah Hill is awesome, and Superbad was funny, so why not take a quote from the movie, put it on a shirt, and where it all around town, so that people, who have not seen the movie think you’re perverted, and people that have seen the movie will think your perverted and funny and awesome. And that is definitely what you want.

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ask me about my meth lab t shirt Ask Me About My Meth Lab T Shirt

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Funny, because that just looks like an upper-middle class domicile in the suburbs or perhaps even the exburbs…you tell me. But, really, the dudes putting together a tidy little second income with a meth operation for all the rural kids that live just outside the city limits. He learned how to cook it all up by watching Breaking Bad of course.

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Man Whore T Shirt

by on August 18, 2012

man whore t shirt Man Whore T Shirt

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I guess it’s true that when you say the word whore, it is automatically assumed that you’re talking about a woman. I’m not saying it’s right, but it is, so if indeed you are a man whore and want to let the world know it’s good to have the qualifier on the tee. Plus, if you walked around with a shirt with the word whore on it, woman might think it’s directed at them. Men would never think you’re calling them a man whore without good reason, like maybe the dude had sexual relations with your girlfriend, mom, and sister.

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rock paper metal teeshirt Rock, Paper, Metal T Shirtbuy now button yellow Rock, Paper, Metal T ShirtThis shirt comes out of nowhere. At first you are saying, “yeah, yeah, yeah, Rochambeau, that’s cute,” but then all of a sudden hand three busts out the satan sign and completely out of left field you’re laughing. Quality shirt right here. If you dig a setup and serious delivery in your comedy, you should probably snatch up this Rock, Paper, Metal shirt immediately.

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