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H.P. Lovecraft! Cthulhu Mythos. It’s so odd to me what gets picked up and carried by the future generations. Why is H.P. Lovecraft so super popular? He was publishing in the early-20th Century. You know like 1900s. I guess if other artists pick up the torch, and carry him decade by decade, and the writing is way ahead of its time, then it makes sense that even in 2013, Mr. Lovecraft gets love from the t-shirt world.

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Game of Thrones! Tyrion Lannister! Peter Dinklage!

What a great design. Some people don’t particularly like the half man and his quick, acerbic wit. Nor his plotting and scheming  Nor his arrogant manner. But, he’s got style and a personality, and he knows he’s not for everybody, which makes him that much more engaging and entertaining.

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So Australia is now up-over. Is that how that works? Why is there an upside down map of the world on this shirt? I guess that’s the classic question, because the answer is on the shirt: “why not?” Is there any background to this shirt? Did Sheldon wear this or have an upside down map in his room? Did the head dude in Game of Thrones lead his crew to war across treacherous terrain while looking at an upside down map? Can the zombies in The Walking Dead only read maps upside down?

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At first I thought this was just a Cookie Monster slug or maybe even a Cookie Monster Snuggie, but, no, really, it’s just a mashup of the beloved slob from Sesame Street, and the hated slob from Star Wars, Jabba the Hutt. Can you Cookie Hutt enslaving Leia like Jabba did? I guess I’ll have to dig up that Return of the Jedi footage since Carrie Fisher was lookin’ gooooooood.

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Wait…what’s wrong with Comic Sans. It’s bubbly and cute. God, everybody is such a curmudgeon these days. How about some levity up in here. What this t-shirt design needs, absolutely, is comic sans. All day. Every day. Come on people now…comic sans on your brother.

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Zissou of Fish T Shirt

by on March 31, 2013


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It’s Bill Murray as Steve Zissou in Wes Anderson’s Life Aquatic film. Look closely now, because the beauty lies in the fact that all of the little ink strokes that make up the beanie and white beard of Mr. Zissou, are, in fact, little fishes. That’s pretty damn cool. Check out all those black fish poking out from the shirt. That’s a manly fish man.

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When Mister Mitten’s visited the deep reaches of outer space that was a pretty epic adventure. He saw amazing things like black holes, spiral arms, supernova explosions, and a galaxy cluster slowly moving like Dick Van Dyke’s ol’ Bamboo dance in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Oh, and the cat was wearing glasses and shutting lasers out of his pupils.

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Sushi T Shirt

by on March 31, 2013


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Ah, that’s the cutest little design ever. Isn’t it? Well, unless you let your mind wander from how sweet the little rice puffs with their comfy fish blankets look to death by halotosis-enveloped man mouth. I still like it, because life is short and you have to celebrate the good things, before it all goes to shit.

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Is that a cross between a cat and beaver? Or squirrel and mouse? Either way, she’s cool and this shirt is super stupendous…so simple, so poignant, yet so edgy too. Napping alone is good. Napping with someone is great. Napping with someone who has agreed after you call them a motherfucker is triumphant.

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Misery! Kathy Bates! James Caan!

Hey, it’s a sweet little penguin referencing the 1990s Misery, which was the movie adaptation of a novel by Stephen King. Directed by Rob Reiner. Have you seen it. It’s good. And that little penguin comes up in a great scene that I have found for you below. Enjoy!

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This is great. Remember the famous Tupac h0logram concert at Coachella 2012? Kind of creepy but kind of cool. Well, the scene with R2D2 projecting Princess Leia was also kind of creepy and cool, so this mashup makes perfect sense, especially since it’s super funny, which is the pinnacle of shirt design in my mind.

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The interesting thing about this design is that you’re seeing a still of the pre-launch from the ramp and it looks like maybe he’s not going to go anywhere. However, in real life, he caught a lot of speed on that old two-wheeler, by roller down a bigger ramp. He actually jumped 200 yards on this particular jump with a perfect landing. Amazing feat commemoration on this fabulous tee.

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