Meet Snorg Tees Model Lacey Buchanan

by on November 5, 2010


Lacey Buchanan Dossier

Lacey Buchanan! Update: I found her last name (Thanks to reader Tom Massey). She’s Lacey Buchanan, and you can see some of her model page over at Model Mayhem. And, you can go like her Facebook page. And, if you want to see her in more of a sexy type of shoot, check out this gallery.

She also recently got married to singer Jake Owen in May 2012.

Anyways, what are the odds that Lacey works out? Judging from the legs on her in this image, I’m saying it’s a pretty safe bet to say that she’s a workout fiend. Or maybe just a sports fiend. I could see her playing soccer or diving or something. What do you think? Do you have other questions about this lovely model? Oh wait, if you read the interview with Lacey, you’ll discover that she loves the beach and has been a swimmer for 15 years. That explains some things.What is Lacey’s last name? How can I do a detailed, rich, engaging, entertaining, life-altering meet the model piece if you can’t even find her last name? I can’t drool over her personal Facebook pictures. Or do a voodoo doll of her boyfriend, or find her Model Mayhem profile, or anything. It’s all so controlled. Snorg video, Snorg images, Snorg interview. I want to color outside the lines dammit. Give me Lacey’s last name. I have done like 6 and a half minutes of research on Facebook, YouTube and the Snorg Tees site, and cannot find anything. Unbelievable.

Now, you’re probably wondering. I see all those still shots of Lacey and those are great, but what about moving pictures or what those in the industry call “video.” Any of that type of footage lying around. Well you’re in luck, you can see Lacey bowl a strike, prance around, and toss an armful of shirts at the cameraman. I’m telling you, this thing is action packed. Check it:

And, here’s Jake proposing to her on stage:

Hey, without Snorg Tees you would have never been introduced to their fine line of shirts and their fine model Lacey…and that would have been a shame.

Lacey Buchanan Gallery

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Tom Massey July 31, 2011 at 9:50 pm

Lacey Buchanan. Also seen in Jake Owen music videos.


Booker Addison September 4, 2012 at 11:02 pm

Thanks Tom!


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