Gimme Some Sugar, Baby Army of Darkness T Shirt

by on January 26, 2010

Update: Reader Courtney tells reminds me that this is Bruce Campbell’s famous line in Army of Darkness. I did not know this and it takes a man to admit when he’s clueless. Right? It’s just that the image and line work so well together without the movie reference that I didn’t bother thinking beyond what was showing.

Is that a sugar shaker? Sugar canister? I like the name sugar shaker. I like the simple style sugar shaker and diner coffee cup. And, the mug being comfortable enough to just go right up to the sugar shaker and make this request is something bold to behold.

That cup knows that smile is irresistible. Like there’s really nothing sugar shaker can do. You can see the tension as sugar shaker tries to process rationally the situation, while animal instinct is starting to overtake him. Nothing can stop this deep connection sugar in cup. Sweet coffee love.

You been there. You know this magical moment. Get the re-enactment on your body: Gimme Some Sugar Baby T-shirt.

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Courtney September 1, 2010 at 4:07 pm

you do know it is making fun of Army of Darkness, right? in the movie, one of Bruce Campbells famous lines is ‘Gimme some sugar, baby.”


Booker Addison September 1, 2010 at 10:04 pm

Thanks Courtney. You’re hired as my pop culture/scary movie consultant.


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