Boobies Calculator T Shirt

by on August 17, 2010

Did you do this as a kid? Punch in 5318008 into the calculator, flip it upside down and voila. Boobies! Totally cool. I actually had a calculator book that came with my Texas Instruments solar-powered calculator that had a bunch of these, “hey look, calculators can be fun, along with useful for doing math equations.” I’m pretty sure they didn’t have the example on this Boobies Calculator T-shirt, nor do I think they had 1134 upside down, “hell.”

In fact, I can’t remember any of them. Maybe there was a story involved. Jack bought 15 apples (type in 15), Jack bought 421 grains of rice (add 421 to 15). Jack lost his virginity to a plush teddy bear (subtract 324), and it ended spelling “math is great,” or something. Is this the most gripping story about calculation you have ever heard? I’m sure  it is.

Now, you show a kid these calculator spelling tricks and they’re like, “oh yeah, I can text my innermost feelings to my friend in Indonesia in the same time you typed poopoo.”

Share your nail biters below.

Nerdy Shirts thinks calculators are nerdy. That’s so wrong. So wrong and feeble minded. Calculators are hot stuff even when you’re not spelling words.

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