60 Best The Big Bang Theory T Shirts

by on April 8, 2012

There are some great Big Bang Theory T Shirts out there. Whether you are looking for shirts that Sheldon Cooper has worn or shirts that celebrate some crazy shenanigan that’s happened in the show. Check out this extensive list.

First we need to start with all of the shirts Sheldon has worn on the Show Big Bang Theory. Seems as if he likes superheroes just a bit.

Superman Distressed T Shirt

Symbolic. Occasionally Superman was distressed, but as we all know he got out of every jam because he was good.


Green Lantern X T Shirt

Green Lantern is a badass comic and movie and cartoon and everything else.

Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots T Shirt

Classic game that was pummeled into the brain of every child cartoon watcher in the 80s.

The Green Lantern Vs. Green Arrow T Shirt

Hey, when green superheroes collide you’re in for a show.

The Theory of Robot Evolution T Shirt

Sort of true and scary once they really get that AI shit together.

Aquaman T Shirt

I love Aquaman. You love Aquaman. Sheldon loves Aquaman.

Checkered Test Pattern T Shirt

This gives me googly eyes.

Junk Food Batman T Shirt

Sweet looking Batman shirt if you ask me. Real nice.

Rubik’s Cube Melting T Shirt

This is totally cool. I’m sure this actually happened in real life with the advent of microwave ovens. Though the plastic wasn’t colored, just the stickers on the squares.

Crimson The Flash T Shirt

The Flash took care of business and you can to if you wear this tee.

The Justice League T Shirt

We could use a little bit of justice these days. No what I’m sayin’?

Distressed The Flash Logo T Shirt

Damn that lightning bolt looks cool, especially distressed.

Junk Food The Flash T Shirt

That The Flash dude knew what he needed to do and did it. No hesitation.

Green Lantern T Shirt

Love the Green Lantern logo. It’s a very pleasing shape.

Green Lantern Striped Sleeves T Shirt

Green shirt with white stripes on the sleeves. A very handsome garment.

Aquaman Portrait T Shirt

Aquaman never looked so good as he does in this portrait.

Justice League Hawkman T Shirt

I like the black and gold. Hawkman forever.

Test Pattern T Shirt

Back in the day, this is how TV went out for the night.

The Flash Lightning T Shirt

This is a serious looking The Flash shirt. Takes it beyond the comic book look.

Green Lantern Violet Lantern T Shirt

That shape looks good in violet too.

The Green Arrow T Shirt

That The Green Arrow logo is awesome looking.

Blue Distressed Superman T Shirt

This is just classic superhero business right here.

Junk Food Gray Aquaman T Shirt

Aquaman got buff from all that swimming. Impressive. I like Junk Food gray.

Color Gradient Batman Logo T Shirt

Never seen a Batman logo quite like this before.

Cream Distressed Superman T Shirt

This shirt looks like you’ve worn it since ’73. Hard core.

Ames Bros Mow ’em Down T Shirt

Dude’s mowing planes with a push mower no less.

Ames Bros Damn 2.0 Vintage Tron T Shirt

Broken window on the Tron vehicle is troublesome.

Ames Bros Flash Ray Gun Vintage Blue Adult T Shirt

Such a cool looking gun and the odd high placement on the shirt makes it even sweeter.

Ames Bros Green Man-Bot T Shirt

You don’t want to mess with the Man-Bot.

Ames Bros Blue Man-Bot T Shirt

I said you do not want to mess with the Man-Bot.

Ames Bros Blue Destroyer T Shirt

That old school giant robot is going to take you out if you’re not careful.

Ames Bros Black Man-Bot T Shirt

One more time. You do not want to mess with the Man-Bot.

Distressed The Greatest American Hero T Shirt

I used to watch this show when I was a kid. “Believe it or not I’m walking on air…”

Green Lantern Red Lantern T Shirt

This is the red lantern corps logo. Like you didn’t know that.

The Flash Shazam T Shirt

Again, I express my love for comic book lightning bolts. They just look real cool.

Okay now let’s get into the shirts that celebrate the humor that oozes out of the Big Bang Theory TV Show…shall we?

The Friendship Algorithm T Shirt

I can’t even read any of the stuff on this shirt, but if you watch the show you know what it says.

It’s Not Cartoons It’s Anime T Shirt

Let’s get the language right before we go any further.

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold T Shirt

Meaning don’t react immediately and you have time to cook up something delicious.

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock T Shirt

Sheldon added his special touch to the classic game.

Green Bazinga T Shirt

In case you’re feeling totally crazy and want to go with the green Bazinga. Whoa…that’s nutsoes.

Knock Knock Penny Penny T Shirt

Hey, if you have a neighbor worth hanging out with, bug ’em. A lot.

Black Bazinga T Shirt

Now, I’m not sure if you can resist black Bazinga.

Gray Group Clothing T Shirt

There they all are. Do you love ’em?

Glowing Sheldon Bazinga T Shirt

It’s about time we got a glow in the dark Sheldon.

Comic Book Bazinga T Shirt

Stripes and comic book look. Nice.

Sheldon Face Bazinga T Shirt

If you love Sheldon, you love this tee for sure.

You Will Be My C-Men T Shirt

X-men were named for Charles Xavier. So, Sheldon’s team would be C-men because his last name is Cooper. Get it?

I Cry Because Other People Are Stupid That Makes Me Sad T Shirt

I guess when you have a Phd you can say stuff like this.

Couch Reserved For Sheldon T Shirt

Sometimes you have your favorite spot in the living room and don’t want anybody else there.

Soft Kitty Warm Kitty Happy Kitty Sleepy Kitty T Shirt

Ah, Sheldon and the kitty. Sweet.

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Winners and Losers T Shirt

In case you need a guide for this more intricate game of rock paper scissors.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, Dr. Raj Koothrappali and Mr. Howard Wolowitz T Shirt

Wolowitz is just an engineer, so no Doctor for you.

Sheldon Flash Bolt T Shirt

That’s cool looking and a great light to be shown in for Sheldon.

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Chuck Norris Defeats All T Shirt

That throws in a new wrinkle to Sheldon’s specially game.

I Love Leonard T Shirt

Hey Dr. Leonard Hofstadter needs some love and adoration too.

Ames Bros Shark Bear T Shirt

Epic battle on your chest. Better do this.

The Wesley Crushers T Shirt

Bowling team. Yay!

Observed Photon T Shirt

Sheldon was certain this concept would make a great shirt.

Bazinga T Shirt

This feels like the classic Bazinga to me.

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joe October 23, 2012 at 1:27 am

One of the funniest lines I heard on BBT is Sheldon’s astonished “It took you four years to get through high school?” Cool collection Booker. Hope all is well. I pop in whenever I spend some time in the t-shirt world. Site looks good. I’m forced now to click on the Models link. I’m a sucker for 1:72 scale tank kits.


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