August 2008

You gotta think in the Viking line of work, you’re going to find yourself in peculiar positions on occassion. And, like any professional, you take it in stride, you have a contingency plan, and you come out on top at the end of the day.

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If I’m not mistaken, Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson, Scot Pollard and Ricky Davis all balled for St. Jude at one time or other, so you know the place is legit and justified in saying they have crazy game.

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Just a heads up. Busted Tees will have 50 different tshirts on sale for $9.99/each from Midnight, August 1 to August 10. Not sure if there are limited supplies or what, but it won’t hurt to get there early to assure you get your top choices. Click on the banner to get in on the action, it’s just plain good personal finance management.

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