Zombies Ruined This Shirt T Shirt

by on October 11, 2010

You have zombies and blood and a t shirt. What more could you really want in life, especially with Halloween sneaking up on us like Chester the Molester in the fog. Where did this zombie fixation start? I’m sure there were ancient tales that referenced zombie-like creatures…the undead that feasted on live people brains. And, then some schticky horror film picked up the genre, knocked it out of the ballpark, and all of a sudden everybody has zombie fever for the next 9 and a half years.

I’m too lazy to actually go look it up but I’m pretty sure that’s close to the real story. In any case, this Zombies Ruined This Shirt T Shirt is in the here and now, and should be on your body now and later, so get out that oxblood leather wallet and pay for it already. The Day of the Dead and All Souls Day and Zombie fest are rapidly approaching.

About three years ago, Snorg Tees had a little outbreak of zombie. Like 3 people died, and one chick ended up a vegetable, but all the staffers that have stuck it out, believe the organization is stronger for the experience.

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