Zombies, Aliens, and Robots Venn Diagram T Shirt

by on January 31, 2011

Damn. These Venn Diagrams are all over the Internet, especially in the funny t shirt world. I must have seen two or three in the last year. Combine that white hotness with the taking over the world popularity of zombies, aliens and robots and you have a shirt that will probably just internally combust because it is so damn awesome, trend, hot.

Venn Diagrams are very sophisticated little graphical tools that show you the relationships between any number of separate things. Here you have the zombies, aliens and robots, and the good ol’ VD has zombies and robots connected in terms of no emotion. The robots and aliens find common ground with advanced technology, and aliens and zombies are alike in their taste for flesh. Finally, the big wrap up with this Zombies, Aliens, and Robots Venn Diagram T Shirt. They’re all shooting for death to humans. Yay.

This is a very, very nice shirt from Snorg Tees. Supremely clever and I like the ominous coloring.

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Troy February 1, 2011 at 10:27 am

I love everything zombie! What I like about this t-shirts, is that it’s a thinking guys shirt. Not just something cute or silly. Good job!


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