Zombie Food Pyramid T Shirt

by on March 21, 2011

This is funny. It’s a Zombie Food Pyramid T Shirt and all it is brains. A varied diet is overrated anyway. If a certain food is best for your blood type and cultural heritage, eat it…a lot. Brains happen to be the perfect food for zombies so they should eat it every chance they get. It’s good for them. Forget being a foodie and trying to “broaden your horizons” and “try new things” and get all the colors of the rainbow in your diet. Just eat what’s best for you. Look dogs eat the same kibble their entire lives with an occasional heal of bread, or scrambled eggs that were left on the table since breakfast. And they’re good. Super healthy and live to be like 900 in dog years. Yep. Every one of them. Ever since dogs were invented, they have lived into their 900s. No exception. If you think your dog died early in its life in that you’re wrong. The humane society lied to you about its age.

And that’s why Snorg Tees created this shirt. As a dietary guide for you and zombies alike.

Hey, this beauty has been added to the awesome collection of funny zombie t shirts I painstakingly collected for you…the reader.

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