Zombie Elvis T Shirt

by on September 17, 2011

This is one of the grossest zombie images I’ve ever scene. Saliva, blood, cheek flap with sideburn still attached. At least that perfect oiled hair is still fabulously intact. Thank God. I wonder if Zombie Elvis still has the hip moves. I think he lost them as fat Elvis, but it looks as if being part of the living dead has slimmed him down, so maybe he also has the sexy swivel hips back.

Whatever the case, for the 7 people in the world that would have even a remote interest in this subject matter, here you are: the Zombie Elvis T Shirt.

Look At Me Shirts does mess around when they say: “if we like a design, we’ll print it even if we know nobody will buy it, that’s how committed we are to are craft.” I say that’s very admirable. They actually didn’t say that by the way, but it could have happened.

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