Zombie Brains Food For Thought T Shirt

by on February 22, 2011

Having been in the t shirt for most of my adult life, which has all been spent in my mother’s basement, I have struggled with what to call shirts that combine a little wordplay with graphic shenanigans. If it’s straight up wordplay that’s what I call it. And, if there’s little misdirection like the picture of a cotton square, but the text says cotton round or even cotton ball (ha ha ha ha), then I go ahead and call that misdirection. But, when you have one like this Food For Thought T Shirt where it’s absolutely crucial you read the words and see the image, and it’s not a misdirection, but more of a word image play.

The answer is probably right in front of my face and I’m just not seeing it. If you have any thoughts on this please let me know in the comments section. Please! It’s driving me crazy, and retailers like Snorg Tees keep pumping them out week after week.

For now, I think I’ll just start calling them Wang Doodles with all due respect to Willie Dixon and Howlin’ Wolf, who collaborated on Wang Dang Doodle, which is a type of raucous party I believe…if I have my blues vernacular correct.

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Luke'sFather February 22, 2011 at 7:08 am

WARNING to European Customers! BEWARE!

Snorgtees sell funny-ish t-shirts (I’m the kind of person they appeal to). But I won’t buy form them again.

Snorgtees has a proor policy for (grouping items for) shipping abroad which (if you buy more than one t-shirt at a time) results in the customer paying the price of a whole t-shirt worth of customs/VAT/Handling fines that they shouldn’t otherwise have to pay. It also means the poor customer has to go down town and pay these fines in person.

They don’t allow you to send the items separately to totally avoid these extra costs and don’t meantion the extra cost at the point of sale!

I’d recommend other t-shirt companies (there are many that sell similar work and appeal to similar tastes) but I guess that would probably get my answer taken down.


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