Zelda, T and A, and Breaking Bad Top the List of Supra Hot

by on August 26, 2011

Nothing seems to be coming out of no where to make it onto the definitive funny t shirt hot sheet. Looking at sales and traffic numbers, it’s all the same stuff barring one exception, and I’m trying to decide if I should feature it, because, well, it’s not family friendly. Oh wait, this site probably doesn’t get a thumbs up on Common Sense Media, so I’m probably alright mentioning the shirt featuring T&A.

Make It Rain Legend of Zelda T Shirt

What more can I say about this tee? I’ve actually featured other excellent Zelda shirts, and still this one is the hottest, and has been in the What’s Hot space for what seems 52 years. Do you have it?

Who Needs Big Tits When You Have An Ass Like This T Shirt

Okay, here’s the R rated business I was talking about. I apologize to all the Methodists and Moonies that make up 57% of my readership.

Helium Breaking Bad Heisenberg T Shirt

This show is hot. And this design inspired by Breaking Bad is super hot, because it’s appealing to the eye and clever. Get it if you gotta.

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