Sesame Street Oscar the Grouch You’d Be Grouchy too If You Lived in a Trashcan T Shirt

by on August 16, 2010

Now that I think about it he is holding up pretty good for having such a shitty living arrangement. I mean, it’s one thing if you’re a bum and live in a trashcan. That sucks. But, Oscar, has to go on TV in his disgrace and try to communicate with a snarky little host or other character that actually has a house to live in.

I would not give those interviews. I’d be addicted to smack. I’d probably have already murdered a fellow ragamuffin and stuffed them in a neighboring trashcan. Then, been miserable, because the smell wafted over to my place.

Now, give Oscar a little empathy, sympathy, love. Buy the You’d Be Grouchy Too If You Lived in a Trashcan T Shirt.

Snorg Tees pulled itself by its bootstraps and made something out of its life, after living the dumpster diving, begging, gutter punking dark days. Good for them. An inspiration to all.

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