You Like This Facebook Tshirt

by on May 31, 2010

Nothing attracts the opposite sex or the objects of your desire like confidence. And, this shirt, embodies complete confidence in self. You are telling everybody that walks by, “You like this.” You don’t even have a choice. You can’t even help yourself. You desire this package. It gets a little weird when you go to gramma’s for the Memorial Day family gathering, but Like can be morph into a less aggressive, less on the prowl sort of concept, so you shouldn’t have a problem in any context.

I mean not everything on Facebook is sexual. You didn’t “like” that Pepsi page because you wanted to have sex with Pepsi. You did it because you loved the flava.

One question: now that you like a Facebook page rather than become a fan, do pages now have “likers?”

OK…whatever way you take this shirt’s message, you are going to need it in your chest of drawers, so go ahead get the wallet, get the card, and get the You Like This Facebook Tshirt.

You like this Nerdy Shirts company and their masterful tshirts.

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