You Had Me at Bacon Tshirt

by on August 10, 2010

As you well know many ‘a love affair was catalyzed by bacon. On a sandwich, in your hair, up your butt, and covered with flair. I don’t know that just meant and I don’t know what this means. What’s the frickin’ fascination with bacon in the youth of today? Yeah, it’s delicious. Crispy. Smells amazing. So, what. So does braunschweiger. I think it’s like a response to all those hippie vegan, raw foodist fags that continue to shove the food ideology down our throats. We get it. Dead animals. Poop. Polluted water. The spirit of Jesus residing in every swine. We…understand…already. So, the kids can’t take the prosthelytizing, thus they celebrate like the most meaty and ubiquitous flesh food product they know.

Plus, did I mention it was delicious. What a terrific flavor to add to cheesy stuff, starchy stuff, eggs, salads, sandwiches. Wow.

You had me at Bacon tshirt speaks the truth. Don’t you know?

Snorg Tees knows that pork food products sell shirts. They’re making it rain with the little piggies.

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