Yarr Pirate Crossword T Shirt

by on November 24, 2010

This is good stuff right here. I can only imagine what the clues are to help the diligent pirate crossworder find his way in this difficult puzzle. Is this from the Sunday New Pirate Times? Or is it a more simple United Pirate Today? These are the details that would make the back story to this Pirate Crossword T Shirt very fascinating.

Another question I have is how does the pirate get his hands on this puzzle. Maybe it only comes out once a month or twice a year or something, so he only needs to be in a shop at port every once in a while to keep up-to-date. Otherwise, it seems like it would be very hard for a pirate to keep on top of a weekly crossword. Although, maybe in this day and age they have Internet on their ships and they can print the crosswords out. Who knows? Snorg Tees knows.

Anyway, I love the different variations on the limited pirate vocabulary, making it possible for them to enjoy such a relaxing and mentally challenging pastime.

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