X-Men Wolverine Evolution T Shirt

by on May 2, 2011

You see a lot of these evolution tshirts with different themes. This one happens to be regarding Wolverine from X-Men. Start out with the totally bent over monkey, knuckles dragging, straighten up a bit, build a spear as a weapon, and then all of a sudden you have a species that can insert metal blades into the hands to create a very vicious claw action. The hair on top of the head the face stayed about the same as that original monkey though, so, perhaps a well-shaven dude with claws in his hands and bending backwards at the waist is the next stage in the evolution.

Keep tabs on how we’re evolving with this X-Men Wolverine Evolution T Shirt.

Nerdy Shirts reads a lot of Darwin in spare time, so they know Evolution of Species down cold. That’s why this shirt is so authentic.

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