Writers Do It Literally T Shirt

by on April 14, 2011

I think this wordplay humor may be a little too sophisticated even for my super sophisticated sense of the comedic. Do writers do it literally, because they type the word on the page? Or is it supposed to be literarily. Or hell I don’t even know, but that’s why I like Writers Do It Literally T Shirt. It may very well make no sense, or it may make all the sense in the world after six years of wash and wear, like one sunny Saturday afternoon you’re just sitting there in the middle of the yard with a dandelion stuck in your nose, and boom, the brilliance of Snorg Tees hits you in that moment.

…and you die laughing. Well, you die because you snort the dandelion into your nasal passage and it blocks air flow and there’s no one around to help you, except for your neighbor, but she doesn’t lift a finger because she has hated your guts ever since she found out it was you in her tree that one night…anyways.

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