Worthy Adversary Deer with a Rifle T Shirt

by on November 29, 2010

This shirt is so well designed it just looks natural like that deer in the orange safety hunting gear and strapped with a rifle is just the way it should be. The deer looks great. Of course, I’m wondering what kind of gun that is with the banana clip. I don’t really know anything about guns, but I think that banana clips aren’t generally on hunting rifles.

Maybe there’s a deer arms dealer that’s selling serious weapons to the deer army so they can protect themselves from evil man. They demanded the most high powered weapon available on the black market. Of course, maybe I’m too cynical. Maybe this deer is like one of those Indians that helped white man track other Indians. A traitor deer all geared up in exchange he receives immunity for himself and his family.

Either way, this Worthy Adversary Deer with a Gun T Shirt is powerful, and Headline Shirts knows it.

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