World’s Greatest Your Mom’s New Boyfriend T Shirt

by on October 1, 2009

worlds-greatest-your-moms-new-boyfriend-teeRight up there with your mom goes to college as the top burn in the world. Man, you wear this to a party and someone starts getting in your face because you’re a Bengals fan, and dude, just point to this wicked tee. Speechless will become your antagonist. No doubt. He may try to shake himself out of a “blown-away” by the razor sharp tee wit, to start throwing haymakers, but if you’re heady enough to purchase the World’s Greatest Your Mom’s New Boyfriend tee, then you’ll intuitively feel when to bob and when to weave and when you to run screaming like a 6-year-old girl.

I wouldn’t lie to you…this is the absolutely true Busted Tees Review.

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