World’s Goodest Teecher T-shirt

by on August 24, 2010

Solid bit of humor here. If you place highly in the worldwide teacher rankings, then you should probably be using grammar and spelling better. Then again, maybe your specialty is shop, and who cares what kind of writing, English, grammar, spelling skills you have. Right? Just get that lathe running every morning and make sure there’s enough flux to get you through the welding class. Maybe you have had an amazing run of students get good jobs right out of high school. You deserve to be on that list and you deserve the World’s Goodest Teecher T Shirt with much pride.

I do like the thought of a student giving a teacher this shirt and the teacher having enough of a sense of humor to wear it to class like everyday for a week. That would be balls to the wall.

Torso Pants does humor with so much irony your blood rusts when you wear them. Wait…what?

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