World Hide & Seek Champion 2001-2011 T Shirt

by on May 3, 2011

All great runs must come to an end, and Bin Laden had a spectacular run as the best hide and seek player in the world for nearly 10 years. It takes a lot of skill, luck and cooperation to make something like that happen, and he couldn’t have done it alone. Of course, the United States may like to know who some of his teammates were giving asylum and assistance to public enemy #1. Nevertheless, props to OBL for his stealth, but good riddance.

Remember when the game ended and justice was served with this World Hide and Seek Champion 2011-2011 T Shirt.

I think Donkey Ts recycled an old design added a red “x” and the span of dates and rolled it out as a fresh new funny Osama Bin Laden T Shirt. Can you blame them? I like resourcefulness like that.

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