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by on May 31, 2012

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Dude is at the office with a bear custom and the dude next to him says “You guys ready to get weird tonight or whaaat?” Grizzly says “fur sure,” ‘cuz he’s got the funny costume on which is furry like a bear.

What kind of office environment do you work in that lets you dress up as bears and sit around and do nothing except talk about what kind of weird shit you’re going to do later. Oh, that’s probably most offices except for maybe the bear part. I’m thinking only 22% of offices in North America would let you get away with that for a prolonged period of time. Maybe for Halloween and for shits and giggles some Friday afternoon, but on a consistent basis…only a few really special places would go for that.

The talking and planning for life outside of work, in other words, not really working, pretty much happens at 101% of the offices in North America, though it’s easier to get away with it when you’re in front of your computer or in a conference room with the projector blasting multicolor charts and graphs on the wall.

TV Store Online deserves props for this one.

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